Workshops 2023

We are pleased to announce that the following two workshops will be held during the Symposium, at the conference venue.

The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP):
Wednesday, 25th October 2023 between 5 pm and 6 pm

ATAP is a collaborative nationwide network of acoustic receivers tracking the movements and migrations of acoustically tagged aquatic animals. If you are a current ATAP user attending the symposium, intend on doing a telemetry study in the future, or are merely interested, your presence will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to providing feedback of the ATAP over the past two years and look forward to discussions around future activities.

National Shark Conservation Forum 2023:
Friday, 27th October 2023 between 9 am and 12.30 pm

The 4th National Shark Conservation Forum 2023 will be hosted by WILDOCEANS, a programme of the WILDTRUST, in partnership with the Southern African Shark and Ray Symposium committee. This forum provides a platform for engagement and sharing of information between government agencies and all other stakeholders actively working to protect sharks and rays, including scientists, MPA staff, conservation managers, law enforcement officials, the tourism sector, fisheries, NGO’s and aquaria.

As part of the Sharks and Rays Protection Project, Stellenbosch University is expanding the barcode reference database for South Africa’s sharks and rays to facilitate and improve molecular species identification applications.

If you have any tissue samples that you would like to contribute to this project, bring your samples to the SASR symposium in October! The list of priority species can be accessed here and protocols for collecting sampling accessed here. Alternatively, a courier shipment to the Shark Genetics Lab can be arranged.

If you have any other elasmobranch samples that you think might be of interest, or have any questions regarding this project, please contact Juliana at